The Tarzan Story-Poems Series
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richard lloyd cederberg


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“fallen priestess of Opar ... 1
“la’s kalimba ... 2
tantor warns of sabertooth ... 3
tarzan confronts the earth sirens ... 4
kollian beast-men avenge their loss ... 5
janes abduction … 6
“in the lair of the beast … 7
“jane becomes a catalyst for change ... 8”
“the Gretstokes return to England ... 9”

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“fallen priestess of Opar”

(first scene in a burgeoning series of Tarzan story-poems.
Tarzan confronts the witchcraft of Opar to save his beloved Jane)

Of a darkened import
Across the vision threshold
Anguished thoughts of his beloved Jane
Fill him with wonder as he watches
A spectacle unfolding below him,
Invoked from incantations, the
Magic Circle alchemy of
In the nights
Lessened lights
A sensory pandemic of
Fairies’ clad only in the sky,
Together a human pentagram
Smear of naked sweating breasts
Shimmering in moonlight, diaphanous
Streamers floating in the lowest branches,
Amidst a commingling of ancestral semblances,
A brooding Lord of the Jungle watches the
Ritual from his perch, outside the walls of
Opar, where the priestess broadcasts
Spell powder and throat-strokes
Chesty words from her
Book of Shadows,
Slowly the sacrificial knife
Descends towards the ashen flesh
Of the only woman he would ever love,
Mulling the moment, in provision
Of the witch’s
(Between her eyes)
An unexpectedly accurate arrow
Piercing her bulwark of arrogant superstition,
And ending, in one second, an elemental
System of darkened ritualistic killing,
Lord Greystoke pulls back his
Bow and takes aim ------->
In the distance Tantor the Elephant bellows in accord

©richard lloyd cederberg


“la’s kalimba”

(SECOND SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story-poems. 
Dualism .... savagery and compassion)

Tarzan, the
White skin, gazed
Dispassionately down at
The horde surrounding him,
Predestined to live as Lord Greystoke,
And the fierce brutish Ape-man, at one time
Suckling the she ape Kala’s hairy mammary,
Wild and free, living on the warm bloody
Flesh of wild beasts, killing to keep
From being killed, and so fluidly
Now bridging one part with
The other, refinement
And the animal
He had made
Peace with his life,
Fully aware that at the heart of
Everyone lurked a killer capable of anything
Monstrous in its quest to protect self-interest, or what
Was loved, or held dear, he understood well that of all he had
Come to know - in his short life - that the trickeries of
Humans were the most desperate and wicked
And that there were many who
Sought to kill him

As silently as a thought
The Jungle Lord leapt down,
Steeled muscles rippling beneath his skin,
Like Numa he sprang past the wicked cudgels of
Frenzied man-beasts, his deadly knife deftly
Slicing through a dozen throats and all of
Them - blood spurting like geysers -
Falling in quivering heaps,
This was
Tarzan the Savage
Killing to avoid being killed
To protect the only woman he loved
And after, in ritual celebration, thrusting
His head towards the heavens with the hideous sound
Of a perfervid bull-ape emanating from his throat

With Sheeta’s legerity he bounded
Unrestrained at the altar where lay his beloved -
Breasts in torch glow reddened, her body soft as cashmere –
Intently with passion he swept the prostate woman into
His arms and smothered her parched lips with kisses;
Calmly she aroused to the face of her jungle lord,
“I knew you'd come for me my darling,”
She whispered

At his feet La,
Priestess of Opar,
Stared at Tarzan with broad
Unblinking eyes, she spoke to him in
The language of the apes: “Kreegah ry-balu-den!”
Tarzan nodded, and, replying also in the language said:
“I choose to show mercy to La. I take no pleasure in killing.
You were once kind to me and I am grateful.”

With these words
La pulled herself erect,
For a moment tears streaming
From eyes set on Tarzan's magnificence,
Fidgeting with her gold bracelets she began
Plucking at a kalimba brought from her tunic,
Intrigued with the sound Tarzan gazed
At the trickle of blood where
His arrow had grazed
Her neck,
La was glowing now in
A warmth of transcendence as
He listened to her strange melody,
Seeing a wash of emotions chasing across the woman’s
Features, he motioned for her to speak:  “Lot ro, mu, por-atan, por-kalan?”
“Yes, I am her husband,” he affirmed and pulled Jane closer.
“She is my wife. I do not love La, I spared La’s life.
La was once kind. I am Tarzan of the Apes.”

In an instant they had
Disappeared into the trees,
In the distance Tantor bellowed,
They knew of Tarzan's love for Jane,
He could hear the herd had grown and
The earth rumbled now with their approach

~La’s phrases taken from the Ape-English dictionary:

1. Kreegah …… Beware, danger
2. Ry-balu–den …. Bow
3. Lot ……..... Face
4. Ro ……….. Flower
5. Mu ………. She
6. Por-atan ….. Husband
7. Por-kalan …… Wife

©richard lloyd cederberg


tantor warns of sabertooth … 3

THIRD SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan story/poems –
from afar wickedness cometh …

Tarzan’s commands to Tantor;

Korak … killer
Skree … wildcat
Kas … jump
Tantor, with

His excellent horde,
Drew near to the clearing - just
Above him Tarzan and Sugarplum
Were slumbering in the nook of a tree -
Rearing up on thickly muscled legs he bellowed
His arrival to the Jungle Lord and, in so doing,
Sent all lesser life scurrying behind Him
Where only a swath of devastation
Remained upon which all lay
Broken from the herd’s
Fierce journey…
From a great
Distance they had come,
Tantor’s ears having sensed
The jungle lord summoning him,
And his mighty equatorial pachyderms
Rallying in accord, and all aware of
La’s coven of deformed
Beast priests seeking sacrifice,
And the peril wrought of a loathsome
Sabertooth now freed from his place of
Immurement in the Earths vast labyrinths,
Borne to the surface upon a Daemon Dragon;
Tantor and his mighty brothers had come to council
With Tarzan for a plan to forestall the invasion
And restore order to the jungle hierarchy

In great delight
Lord Greystoke leapt
To the ground near where
His old friend shook and stomped,
In a show of pure primordial exultation -
Now contented to leave Jane sleeping - he
Raised his arms in keenest admiration to his
Friend, as etheric feelings flooded through both,
From a source always sensed but misconstrued, still,
Between them, fragments of past years became tapestries,
In depth, detailing the exploits of their unquestionable
Camaraderie and of their finding oneness,
Without articulations,
Without pretense,
Or anything concocted,
A consummate merging of forces
Walking together in the jungle where,
When no obstacle prevented them, Tarzan
Rode high upon the dreadnaughts powerful back
In the cool of nighttime’s moonlit magnificence,
With grunts and piffling sounds, together,
Communicating of conquering and both
Sensing a fullness of perfection in the
Creation they both had been thrust
And given sustenance from

Very near now,
Unbeknownst to them,
A fierce predator was crouching
In the shadows, intent on the mighty
Dreadnaught, and the Lord of the Jungle,
A powerful scent of Jane in his nostrils and with
Growing bloodlust hungering for female flesh
Upon which huge razor tooth’s,
With little endeavor,
Would gorge
Curiously he looked at
The pachyderm’s trunk resting
Upon Tarzan’s shoulder and listened
As Tantor told of Saber-tooth’s rampage
In the northlands,
Decimating all
To clear a path for
The sirens of Torfar-Kolla
This in a quest to wrest personally
From Numa his title, as King of the Beasts, and
To unleash an invasion from Pellucidar’s underbelly

Of a sudden, ears attuned,
Tarzan looked up to witness in time
The snarling face of a crazed man-eater,
“TANTOR,” Tarzan screamed and pointed up,
“KORAK SKREE KAS!” With his mighty trunk Tantor
Thrust Tarzan into the tree where, with the savage scream
Of a bull ape, he bare his knife and lunged to defend his woman

©Richard Lloyd Cederberg


tarzan confronts the earth sirens … 4

FOURTH SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story-Poems –
Earth unleashes an ancient evil

From the Ape-English dictionary

1. Ala … Rise
2. Unk … Go
3. Wala … Home
4. Manu … Monkey
5. Mangani … Great Apes
6. Tarmangani … White Men/Women
7. Jabo … Shield

With rampageous curbing
Behavior, having profaned the
Natural hierarchy of the jungle, to
Usurp Numa’s majesty and to
Spearhead an invasion
Of withering intent;
A mighty nemesis,
Was foiled and
Lay lifeless…
Was victorious
And for several moments
Silenced all around as he stood
Upon the Sabertooth and proclaimed
His victory ululate with hideous savagery

Restless were the pachyderms
In the aftermath
The scourge
Lying prostrate
And all grunting now
In mono-syllabic gutturals,
Being eager to depart all stomped
The ground fussily and
Demanded of Tantor
That Tarzan and Jane
Accompany them back to the
Land of Waziri near where Sabertooth
Had been borne to the surface upon the back
Of a Dragon, from old times, and where traditional
Knowledge spoke of a passageway to Pellucidar
And Opar’s sister city Torfar-Kolla…

John Greystoke,
Embracing Lady Jane Greystoke,
Leapt upon the back of his old friend,
“Ala Tantor, unk wala!” He ordered smiling
Bellowing his approval Tantor departed the clearing
As they went
Hues of lazuline and cerise
Morphed flawlessly across an
Exculpated September sky,
Staring heavenward
Tarzan sensed
Imbalances in the
Natural order rippling
Through the atmosphere from
The distant mountains - he sensed
Earth had re-birthed an ancient evil
That he soon would contradict,
Minutes later an
Inky black enshrouded
Them in silent requiem, as if the
Daughter of Erebus had descended and
Thrown a shroud upon the equatorial forest;
Tarzan sighed and, though his mind was troubled,
He resolved to press on

Into a devastated valley they entered
At the first moments of daybreak
Where thick Cimmerian gloom,
Smelling of sulfur and flesh,
Was as mephitis upon
Tarzans senses,
Around them
The burnt
Mangled bodies of
Brave Waziri warriors
Lay lifeless from fearsome battle,
Tantor was restless, and Manu, now
Chattering nervously, took to the trees, as
Mangani quickly melded back into the forest-
Of a sudden the ground rumbled,
With a great pounding of beastly hooves
And then stopped across the clearing;
The Apemans keen eyes could see,
Inside the edge of trees,
Horrid faces
Drooling fire in
Hideousness of intent,
His muscles steeled as he watched one
Daemon amble arrogantly into the clearing,
Upon its back a woman clung doggedly to bony
Protuberances along the neck, jubilantly naked, her breasts
Full and hair flowing, her four limbs encircled with Pagan tattoos;
These were the EARTH SIRENS of ancient times, he knew,
Vomited up from hell to destroy the order of things

With great commotion
The Dragon hordes of Pellucidar’s
Underbelly ascended above
The forest canopy
To engage their
Most feared threat
Whose anger now stirred greatly,
Eyes burning savagely Tarzan leapt
Catlike to the ground and commanded:
“Tantor, jabo tarmangani”
Bellowing in accord the mighty dreadnaught herd
Moved away with Jane to a safe distance, as the Jungle Lord,
With fierce purpose, fitted his first poison arrow to take a stand
Against these loathsome denizens of a dark and forgotten time

©richard lloyd cederberg


kollian beast-men avenge their loss … 5

FIFTH SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story-Poems –
with his great victory there comes great loss

Taken from the Ape-English dictionary:

 1. Manu … monkey’s
 2. Mangani … bull-apes
 3. Tarmangani … white man/woman
 4. Wappi … antelope
 5. Sopu … fruit
 6. Popo … eat
 7. Po … hungry
 8. Uber … thirsty
 9. Tand-vulp … empty
10. Rak … yes

In bowelless zeal, to secure a
Vantage, Tarzan looses a poison arrow,
Which, with laser accuracy, penetrates well the
Dragon’s underparts, his third finding the malefic heart;
Now punctured indiscriminately, its beating ends
And the creature plummets
With a great gasp
From the sky,
A lifeless
Mass quivering -
The wild disorders,
And vulturine taste for
Human flesh stymied forever -
As rider, in raging demonstration,
Screams at a disconcerted assembly
And jumps to the back of another, which
Has maneuvered to rescue the siren from death

At once the swarm begins circling together to descend
Upon, and gird, the mighty Jungle Lord as he looses
One poison arrow after another,
Settling lower and lower
Until great wings barely moved,
Tarzan was surrounded and cut off,
And the sirens having now transformed into
Sharply taloned anomalies - half woman half beast -
In freakish ritual drooling to gorge on Tarmangani flesh;
Hideous were their shrieks as they closed on the cold-eyed
Ape-man who in stoic steadfastness had felled another dragon

“Tantor … ATTACK!” Tarzan screamed

At once
Great pachyderms
Burst noisily from the jungle,
And all in accord aiming to impede
The swarm now hovering closely, who,
In utter shock began thrashing to escape
As the behemoths, bellowing indignantly,
Reared back on powerful legs to grip
The clawed hooves, with mighty
Sinewy trunks, to force them
Down and with colossal
Strength forestall
Their flight…
Enraged at the
Effectiveness of this
The once beautiful women
Spit venomous invectives at Tarzan
As another shout from him alerted mangani
From above where they sat watching

“Akut … ATTACK,” Tarzan commanded

Akut’s fierce roar
Drowned out all other sounds
As his impassioned clan of bull-apes,
Snorting savagely,
Leapt down
From the
Trees upon the
(Now) wide-eyed
Scourge of hell hags where,
With brute force, they dismembered
Them with grisly effectiveness amidst their
Panic-stricken execrations to floundering gods

When the last was rent in pieces
Mangani sank its fangs into the necks
Of the dragons in a show of disdain for them
And then leapt to the ground roaring and beating
Chests swollen in a savage show famished to
Devour the warm flesh of many kills…
But Tarzan,
Holding up a hand,
Warned of the dangers
Of witch flesh; a thing that
Never dawned on them, being the
Nervous brute beasts that they were;
Akut nodded and pointed at his stomach:
“Po ubor, tand-vulp Tarzan” he grumbled wearily
“Rak, popo, sopu o wappi” He replied…
As the apes
Departed Tarzan
Instructed Tantor to
Loose the remaining dragons,
And, as mighty trunks eased their
Tenacious grips upon them, each took
Flight angrily and all spat and cursed and
Shrieked in fiery demonstration at the Jungle Lord
As they flew north into the mountains

Clammy sweat beaded
Upon Tarzans brow as he gazed at
The worst carnage he’d ever known, still
In gratefulness he knelt and gave thanks to
The Great Spirit for his life and the lives of his
Dauntless beast-friends and for his …
Starting with a jolt he
Spun around in
Dread aspect:
“Jaaaaane, are you well?” He trembled
“I am my darling,” she responded at once

Now standing
At the jungles edge
Jane cowered in revulsion
At the sight and ran to her lord,
Her full breasts hardening against
His magnificently muscled torso as she
Lovingly embraced him with many kisses…
Around them morning was blossoming, thick
Clouds had thinned and effulgent shafts of sunlight
Were filtering down in warming ribbons as the
Jungle capitulated beneath heavens felicity,
Excited and loquacious
Manu had rejoined the Jungle Lord,
To offer assistance in any way they could,
Knowing his supply of arrows had been exhausted
Tarzan instructed them to retrieve as many as
They could; all scurried off chattering

It was unclear
What transpired in
The next few moments as
He and Jane made ready to depart…
A subtle commotion had harkened his ears
From across the clearing, where brooding mists still hung
Reluctantly under a clearing sky; near the carnage he witnessed
A drove of aberrant man-beasts materialize, as if birthed from the
Humus; of a sudden something hit his head with great force and, amidst
A cloud of contradictions, he fell on his knees to Jane’s frightened screams,
Her clothes, having been torn from her body, now lay scattered around
Him; through dimming eyes he saw the naked form of his beloved
Being carried off by the clan of hideous man-beasts – moments
Later blackness embraced him and he collapsed

©richard lloyd cederberg


“janes abduction” … 6

(SIXTH SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story-Poems.
Jane is thrust into the unknown and tested beyond her abilities)

Taken from the Ape-English dictionary:
1. Mangani ... Bull apes
2. Sheeta ... Panther
3. Numa ... Lion
4. Tantor ... Elephants

A dampened jungle clearing was
All that remained of a wild struggle,
The day following, and being devoid of life,
Except the few beasts who, in dour vigil, quietly
Observed the still form of Tarzan prostrate
Upon moist humus with Akut (a bull-ape)
Squatted where he’d dragged him to
Just beyond
The battlefield
Upon which now lay
Two diminished dragons,
Mangled oddments of sirens,
Dozens of burnt Waziri warriors,
All ripening now in a raging equatorial sun
And, upon which, scavengers had begun
A grisly carrion repast…

And while
Tarzan moved not,
Mangani kept him safe from
Snakes, and stinging insects, and from
Sheeta, and Numa, and all the while meting
Water and the juice of fruits upon his parched lips
For sustenance as a bated jungle waited for their
Lord to return from his purgatory of plight

And a way away,
Jane’s abductors - being
Desperate to avoid Mangani’s
Terrors and the massive strength
Of Tantor’s dreadnaughts -
Had followed a route
Into the bowels of the Earth
By way of an unknown passage
Where the clamoring cacophony of
Descent - plagued amidst a tangled web
Of many roots, loosened rocks, gaping crevices,
And foul discharges - echoed forbidding to
Their dismay and fear, all the same,
Despite the risks, they
Had chosen this
Way to avoid,
At all costs,
Savage beasts
Descending upon them
Unexpectedly and now persuaded of
Tarzans great wrath being kindled against them
For the criminal acts of which all suffered,
In phrenetic anticipation,
A gruesome demise
At his hands,
And all were
Blabbing nervously,
As they clambered along,
In their efforts to reanimate
The white-skin from the harboring
Deep swoon which - proving futile - was
Harkening another fear of retribution from
The underlords if any harm befell their female
Prize or any slight blemish was visited
Upon her perfect nakedness

And in suddenness
Jane awakened, hours later,
In a barren dungeon, chiseled from a
Solid mass of plutonic rock, resting on a mat
Of unscented moss, raised from the floor upon
A solid granite pedestal; her hands bound with vines
To a wooden post above her head and her legs
To metal rings at the foot of the slab;
She was utterly helpless;
But remained cool;
And when she
Had made
Full account of
Her plight, and also
That she was untouched, she
Gave thanks and then increasing her
Awareness’s she saw across the room a
Stairway glowing from a distant light,
And near this opening were
Six hard-bitten
Hags with long white
Hair, of human origin, and
All having the appearance of living
Skeletons covered with leathery
Skin, spotted and sagging; and
Jane noticed one was
Stirring something,
The contents of which
Was making more unfit an
Already tyrannous atmosphere, and
There were two others agaze and two were
Dipping ladles into a hole in the floor, and the last,
Amidst her utterances, had begun pouring perfumed
Water upon Jane’s body in an ablutionary ritual

When suddenly
Jane’s surroundings
Seemed to disappear, and
Around her a warm luminance sated
The room from which, some way away,
An aberration was ascertained and a voice
Was plainly heard saying: “Approach me!”
And when she obeyed the
Restraints vanished and her
Naked skin became radiant and was
Charged emotionally as she watched two
Large manuses materialize and extend towards
Her with what appeared, (at first glance) to be
A delicately braided chain, around which
Radiant colors undulated, and from
Which a sense of eudaimonia
Emanated from…
And Jane, desiring to have it,
Reached out and took a hold of it,
After which she felt courageous strength
Poured into her and her outwardness deepened;
And when the hags
Saw this they
Waxed deferent
Towards Jane and, 
Genuflected in respect, and
When they had, all aspects of
Aging tegument permuted in each
And all (no longer leathery or sagging)
Began glowing in transcendent adoration…

“And who is it that seeks me?” Jane cried out boldly.
“I am Forali of the Kollians’,” his guttural voice thundered
In an oily spectrum of timbres, “and because Tarzan has
Seen fit to destroy my sirens I have taken you from the
Upperlands to serve me in my subterranean realm.”
“NO, I cannot,” Jane stiffened, “I am Tarzan’s
And I will NOT serve YOU or the Kollians …”
At once she had
Determined his actual
Intent as being retaliation in a
Quest to use her against Tarzan and,
In so doing, advance his criminal ambitions
While forcing his lubricity upon her as he pleased;
Enraged now (because of her rejection) the room began
Morphing as the delicate chain began to be whipped about madly,
And as the fuller frequencies settled deep within her ears, an inanimate
Power manifested near her and she was forced down upon the cold stone
Floor where, with fervency, she recoiled back to her feet only to find
The route of escape occluded by a hideous creature now
Emerging towards her from the shadows

©richard lloyd cederberg


“in the lair of the beast” … 7

(SEVENTH SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story-Poems. Being without
Tarzan, but being wisely enlightened, Jane outfoxes Forali, the Kollian Underlord)

Both fascinated
And horror-stricken, Jane
Staggered back in astonishment
When the creature was in full perspective-
“What in the world are you?” She cried
As the brute angled down to leer
At her nakedness;
“I am god of Torfar-Kolla,”
He mouthed in fearsome timbre
As a great wet tongue fell from his
Bestial mouth and slithered towards her…
Completely unnerved Jane recoiled back in
Consummate horror, where, with fervency,
She petitioned the Great Spirit for
Strength and wisdom…
With precipitance,
Her mind was afforded
To see beyond the grotesque
Façade (with the keenest acumen)
Into a life muddy with malady,
And all things vulgar and criminal,
And all things immoral and deplorable,
Deep into the sallow heart of an
Stewing sorrow
For the relentless burden of a
Depraved and tormented existence… Within
Moments Jane’s fear was supplanted with bravery
And she met the creature’s gaze intensely focused to
Represent her life at all costs…

Forali handed her 
Two beautiful scant pieces, 
From which she further inferred 
His pent desires for ornamenting female
Breasts and the callipygian ideal to make of her
An apotheosis to be worshipped and held in esteem above
Other denizens in the realm over which he ruled in fear…
And as
She held these
Skimp pieces she took
Note of her reflection in a rounded
Fallal on the chain of the ornate thong
And saw that her hair had changed, and
That her musculature had been toughened,
And that her skin was radiating with burnished
Effulgence and she understood (then) the great power
With which the chain was imbued and plotted to
Steal it, to gain an advantage…
Knowing her plight,
She adorned her body
With these scant pieces and
Blended into the shadows where, with
Cunning, she knelt before him to implement
A plan to outwit him;
To bedevil his thinking with enticement,
And to use, through subterfuge, his
Depraved nature against him…

Nearer she maneuvered, to both his groping
Hands, so that he might bear upon her Rubenesque
Form and, in so doing, accelerate his vile imagination,
And after according him just one fingers brush
Upon her supple skin, she retreated
To ask quizzically:
“Do you desire me?”…
There was
No response,
But Forali’s groans
Became pronounced, and
His eyes opened wide, and the
Flesh along his spine quivered as he
Whirled in a stupor of consummate thwarting…
“What must I do for her?” The beast pondered aloud:
“Does she desire power?
Should I lavish her with wealth?
I will build her a city to rule over and give her servants,
She will lack for nothing, and we will rule together,
Tell me what Jane wants?”
By this entreaty
Jane replied simply: “To possess the chain”…
The creatures face became
Animated in a wash of inexplicable
Expressions and, within seconds, it began
Fearfully lamenting his predicament as if Jane
Was a promethean interloper who wanted to steal
The fire from his Olympus;

Jane knew now
That she was on her own,
Alone, with no one to help her…

And though she sensed Forali
Would do anything to please her, in
Her heart she yearned for Tarzan’s touch, only,
For the potency of his lips upon hers, only, for his
Closeness, only, and she yearned to be rescued by
Him, only, from this abomination of circumstances
That would surely test her beyond
Any ability she possessed…
Fearful of the coming moments;
Jane girded herself and, with the bravest
Determination, suppressed the tears (now) begging
Release as she recalled those harrowing last moments
With her beloved jungle lord; (so long ago it seemed)
And when Tarzan’s magnificent love at last
Sated her heart and spirit,
She broke down and
Wept bitterly…
And when Forali saw
This up-welling of anguish,
And the heaving of her breasts,
And her tears, in the flickering fire glow,
Glistening upon velvet cheeks (as adamants)
Something in his tortured temperament threw down
And, with an unexpected softening, he reached out and
Gently laid the delicately braided chain upon Jane’s shoulders

©richard lloyd cederberg


“jane becomes a catalyst for change … 8“

(EIGHTH SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story-Poems.
From above and below a vast multitude converges)

Taken from the Ape-English dictionary:
1. Unk-nala … climb
2. Yud … come
3. Vulp … full
4. Akut … leader of bull-apes
5. Numa … great lion
6. Ko-sabor … lioness
7. Mangani … great apes
8. Sheeta … black panther
9. Bolgani … gorillas
10.Manu … monkey’s

In her hands
The chain began to
Resonate (with keen warmth)
As a sphere of eddying colors formed,
Beyond the length of the twirling chain, and the
Atmosphere, tinctured with crystalline sounds,
Sated the senses in serene sound…
But following this
A violent convulsing
Began and all foundations,
Upon which Torfar-Kolla had once
Been built, shook with spasmodic intensity…
And though dread gripped Jane’s heart,
Stillness settled upon her when
She saw that her original form had
Returned, and that her hair was auburn and long,
As it had been, and that the scant pieces had vanished…
So Jane accepted, again, what was coursing
Around her and with a stoics temperament
Watched in steadfast determination
As the fabric of space
Changed; seeming to her now all
As a mist dissipating beneath sunlight’s
Calefacient rays to reveal mysteries obscured…
The sights were that
Filled Jane’s limpid eyes;
Abundant sceneries, fertile with life,
And a fine grandeur of gardens rich in seasonal
Florescence filled her heart with a scented notion
That Tarzan was nearer than before,
And then,
In her anticipation,
Did the air wax redolent
Of sweet jasmine, of hyacinth,
Of dahlia, and of winter’s honeysuckle, and,
Again being contented, Jane began glowing in
The fullness of her lord’s unflagging love… 

In suddenness the
Hard-bitten hags appeared around
Jane in groups, coming from every direction
As nomads, once lost, having now found their way,
And all weeping together in a
Harmony of thankfulness
(With resolve)
Their tears,
As a freshening rain, 
Began releasing their hearts
From a great deprivation of soul borne
Upon them from the miseries endured from
Being imprisoned (for so long) by so great an evil;
No longer ugly, sagging, leathery, or cadaverous, each
Woman’s countenance had turned angelic;
To a soft nature,
Genteel in manner,
With flowing thick hair,
And penetrating pure eyes,
Their spirit’s radiating life and love,
And as honeybees and ants they joined
Together in purpose and one spoke saying:
“Once we were as you, Jane, upon the surface
We dwelt in peace, with our families we prospered
And we loved, but we were taken, as you were taken, to
Serve Forali and to satisfy his evil schemes, but there
Was nothing lasting in it and we were struck with
A curse for our rebellion and we prevailed
(As we were) smitten for all seasons…
Now we will join with you, Jane,
In requital against Forali
And his minions …”

And because of Jane’s bravery the
Wicked façade was removed and all that
Was before was revealed again in its fullness…

Forali roared as he saw these things
Converging upon him, and, in his helplessness,
He appealed to his gods, (in fear and trembling did
He caterwaul) but nothing could stop the transmutation
Of an evil kingdom he had so painstakingly created …
Now as Jane, with great vigor, twirled the chain,
Forali became another
In appearance,
And in temperament; 
No more the dithering aberration -
Deformed, lustful, twisted, and artful -

A violent muscled goliath arose from the
Pits; being twice the height of a normal man
He stood erect upon two massive oaken legs with
Arms as pythons and from his twisted snarling lineaments
Horrifying malevolence oozed as a most fetid sewage…
In great urgency he summoned
All that would hear his voice,
From every corner of his
Subterranean labyrinth
He summoned them,
And they came
In hordes and herds,
They came at his beckoning
To accomplish his terrible bidding,
From beneath and beyond they appeared -
Roundabout Jane and the women, (now trembling
In outrage of innocence) - each in personal and hideous
Fulfillment of choice these creatures appeared in gross
Indifference to anything save the malevolence
Festering in their scarred bestial minds…
And around Jane
A great evil chant oiled the air as
Hordes of beast-men snake-men, founding’s,
And all aberrant brutish creations yielded
To Forali’s conjuring schemes and
Raised up in accord together
To empower him
With hellish accolades,
With flattery and innuendoes,
With all manner of deceitfulness, and
When delirium waxed feverish Forali swelled
In arrogance and commanded his hoards to spiflicate 
The women, and Jane, and return to him the chain…

But there was 
Another voice greater than
Forali’s and all were struck dumbfounded
In horror as it thundered with savage determination:


Forali stared aghast as
A clan of fierce bull-apes emerged
From the far distant peripheries; growling
With bared fangs they climbed and perched upon
The jagged promontories overlooking the assembly…

“NUMA YUD VULP!” It again ordered …

Numa strode into view with proud eyes blazing
With Ko-sabor at his side,
And then came Mangani in droves,
With Sheeta slinking at a distance growling,
And Bolgani, convinced of victory, joined reluctantly
With Manu and all were carrying sticks and rocks and had
Effectively encircled Forali’s evil hordes, roiling now in confusion,
As they waited for their leader to make some decision…

Appearing suddenly
In the midst of the women
Tarzan told them to gather together 
In a circle, and then he swooped Jane into
His muscled arms and leapt with her to a high
Perch, away from danger, where she would be safe
From the wet slaughter that would surely ensue- 

“My darling,” she sobbed limp in his arms…

As she smothered
Him with kisses, he released her,

“Remain here,” he whispered softly,

and then,
With brutal focus, he leapt agilely to the granite floor
Knife drawn; posturing fiercely he roared at Forali:


©richard lloyd cederberg


“the Greystokes return to England … 9“

(NINTH SCENE in a burgeoning series of Tarzan Story/Poems ….
After Forali’s hordes are annihilated, several summonses from their
son hasten the Greystokes return to England)

A crimson drubbing
Ensued when Forali refused
Tarzans entreaty to surrender: His
Reaction being one of tumescent arrogance
After ordering his aberrations to kill the women and the
Jungle beasts hunkered down patiently watching,
With fangs bared, as they waited for their lord
To free them upon Forali’s hordes…
Now, far above Tarzan,
Jane was whirling the chain,
With aroused fervor, to impart clarifying strength
To those women climbing up towards the crenellations
Skirting the subterranean fortress where, after arriving, all
Lauded Tarzan of the Apes with intense exhilaration …
Being surrounded
Now, and utterly fuddled,
Forali hurtled blindly at the Ape-man,
Who, with Manu’s legerity, easily side-stepped
The clumsy attempt… At once Tarzan
Ordered his beasts, with
Bloodcurdling demonstration, to
Attack Forali’s hordes after which he
Sprang savagely upon the monster and plunged
His knife repeatedly into the massively muscled shoulders…
Roaring in great anguish
Forali, with tremendous resolve,
Heaved Tarzan a dozen yards from him
Where he lay momentarily stupefied, but Forali
Reacted not to his advantage, instead he remained
Stock-still staring stunned, dithering (with mouth agape)
At his beloved army being annihilated by the beasts of Tarzan…

Four weeks later-

The incident being
Behind them, our heroes were
Safe again and rested after a time of
Rejuvenation at their vast African plantation-
Once again civilized in demeanor and appearance,
John, and Lady Jane Greystoke, had chartered passage
Aboard the Norwegian vessel ‘Aborantha’ 
(Both were returning to England)
At the behest of their only son, Jack,
Whose importunity had alerted them to a
Woeful predicament -- his wife Meriem and he
Being devastated with the abduction of their only child
Jonathan and both being desperate after accepting (as true)
The note left in the child’s crib cruelly positing: “Tell your
Father his grandson will die if he does not return
And settle our business”…
The young couple was inconsolable
And had no recourse other than obeying the
Demand of this unscrupulous character who had altered – in
A single declamatory note - the entire course of the Greystoke family…

So they embarked
From a port in Mauritania, sailing
North past Western Sharah, on a northern
Heading that took them east of the Canary’s and
Madeira Island, along the Moroccan coast and Portugal
Up towards Galicia Spain… And as it was

For three days the
Sea remained tranquil, which
Was mollifying to the passengers, who,
Being self-centered ladies and gentlemen chose,
After a secret meeting, to bring charges against the
Stewards for what was being viewed as shoddy service,
(Considering the price they were paying)
So a select group
Began demanding (of the Captain) a
Better attending so that they might
Revel in their passageway with
No cares or worries…
Foreseeing being litigated
The Captain yielded to the committee’s
Demands and apprised his stewards to begin,
Forthwith, catering to all whims, which empowered the
Passengers, who, being of a royalist mindset, were
Confident that they had somehow wrested
Control of the vessel…
Now, being swollen
With this perceived victory,
They began to compete uppishly
With one another – in childish kerfuffle’s
And swinish fluttering - to impress and outdo
Everything the other was doing, or suggesting, and
When the ships delicacies had been served each reclined
Smugly beneath a warming sun,
Wrapped up in themselves,
Basking leisurely
In salutary brisk air,
Doing as they well pleased,
Recreating with cards and shuffleboard,
Ordering the stewards about, flitting and flicking
Presumptuously, imbibing and gorging with abandon,
Being as gourmands and nincompoops laughing rakishly
At one another’s rodomontade’s, and all ignorantly unaware that
Just above them, in the ships riggings, John Greystoke sat brooding…

On the fourth day,
As the Aborantha was entering
The Bay of Biscay, a fearful tempest
Descended upon them…
Steadfastly the
Ship’s Captain fought to
Maintain the vessels stability,
Against all adversity, as it forged forward
Upon hellish seas wroth in nature’s ever-changing
Humors, at times ascending (a hundred feet or more) upon
Fearsome mountainous waters, where it teetered on the brink
Momentarily, and then slid dizzyingly into deep troublesome troughs,
Where, at times great blackened vortexes appeared - redolent
Of Poe’s Maelstrom- and again and again the vessel rose
And fell upon ramping seas, as thunder exploded
Like cannonade, and lightening hit the water
In jagged white-hot traceries

Near the bow
John Greystoke was standing hunched,
As a fiendish wind ripped at his face and bitter
Cold stabbed through his heavy garment like needles;
Being captive to a demeanor of unflinching stoicism, he was seldom
Beset with dangerous circumstances, and only in unforgiving determination
Did his eyes remain firmly fixed ahead as he envisioned a fitting
Vengeance upon the author of his family’s dire dilemma

©richard lloyd cederberg

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